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EmailRazor: email verification service tool

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Number one advice for high open rates in email campaigns is keep your contact list clean. EmailRazor offers you a simple and effective tool to do your email list housekeeping, remove inavlid emails, dead addresses and temporary addresses.

Deep verification

EmailRazor can automatically validate thousand email addresses while respecting your users privacy (no email is sent during the email check process). Raise your list value dropping invalid, unresponsive and fake email addresses.


Use EmailRazor API to avoid adding fake contacts to your list. Detect disposable and unreachable emails and stop wasting money on fraudolent leads!

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How to clean up your email marketing contact list

Email marketing is without a doubt a great sales strategy with proven success for thousands of business owners. It is a great outreach program with a high conversion rate. Email address validity is a vital aspect of the process. If neglected it’ll definitely affect your business negatively. You must be sure to send email to existing/valid email addresses to avoid spending money to send emails that none will ever read, and to avoid a high number of hits on non-existent or fake mailboxes affects negatively your sender reputation.

EmailRazor can automatically validate thousands of email addresses while respecting your users’ privacy (no email is sent during the process). The goal is to raise your list value while dropping invalid and unresponsive email addresses.

Here’s why EmailRazor stand out from other competitors:

- Simple, effective and user-friendly interface
- Flexible input format: you can upload contacts in CSV, XLSX, PDF, TXT, DOCX, or even copy/paste them
- Deep verification - we verify both email address syntax, and that mailbox can actually receive emails
- Role email detection - like info@... support@... or sales@... We maintain a multi language roles database
- Free emails and disposable emails detection (some domains provide email addresses valid for 24 hours - we maintain an extensive database of those domains)
- Scoring: we give each email address a quality score - not simply good/bad, but a score that let you decide if an apparently good email can be risky
- No need to subscribe: pay the service as you go
- Free deduplication - we only charge one if you put two or more entries of the same email in the list
- Privacy guarantee - we are GDPR compliant (GDPR=European data protection/privacy law)
- API to integrate the validation in your subscription process (and stop scammers at the very beginning)
- Plus: Integrated blacklist check tool - if you need it, you can check whether your sending IP is listed in a blacklist
- Communication: We maintain a close relationship and good communication with our customers. We return all emails promptly.

Bonus: subscribe now and get 150 free email checks!

Here at EmailRazor, we help you keep your email list clean! We provide business owners with a simple and effective tool to do email list housekeeping. Simply upload your email list to EmailRazor and let it tell you if each email address is good or not.