Email verification API

EmailRazor offers an API interface you can use to validate emails. API endpoint is the following:

API can be called with a simple GET call, passing two parameters: Each successful api call consumes one credit on your EmailRazor credit balance.
Credit balance is re-computed every few minutes.

API replies with a json that contains a 'status' field, if status field value is equal to ERROR it means that the api call is unsuccessful and you can find more details in the error field of the json.
If the API call is successfull, status field contains OK and the json contains the following data:

API call sample

Take a look at the following example API request URL:
(If you would like to try it yourself, subscribe to EmailRazor and get some free credit)

The example of API call above would get the following answer:
    "mx":"defined (1)",
    "smtpstatus":"warning: can't verify smtp",
    "elapsed":"179 ms"