GDPR Compliant Policy


This policy clarifies how we use the information you send us, like the files containing your lists of email addresses. For information about how we handle your personal data as EmailRazor user, please refer to our Privacy Policy. acts as Data Processor

EmailRazor service objective is to examine your lists of email addresses and, for each one, tell you whether it is existent and can actually receive email messages or not. EmailRazor accomplish this task acting as a Data Processor on list of emails you provide as Data Controller, as in the definition of the terms in the GDPR. EmailRazor service is provided, maintained and operated by CodeGuru Srl Via Traversa Pistoiese n.83 59100 Prato (PO) Italy.

Nature and purpose of processing

EmailRazor will scan lists of email addresses you uploaded to web site, both via Web or API interface, and for each email will try to find out whether that address can actually receive emails or not. The verification process is operated by EmailRazor without the use of any sub-processor, and it will be accomplished without contacting the owner of the email address through a sequence of formal and technical checks, as described in detail in EmailRazor technical documentation.

Duration of processing service will operate scanning your list with a best effort class service level agreement and will store your data until you will be able to download the results files. To each uploaded file is assigned an expiration date, usually 10 days after the upload time, and will be deleted after that term. In any case EmailRazor will NOT retain your data for more than 90 days from the time you uploaded it. However, it is possible that some of your data could be stored for more time if they are included in our periodical backup process.

International Transfers of Data service operates on cloud servers located in the EU, more precisely in Germany and Ireland.

EmailRazor internal security

We constantly work to assure the maximum level of security of our servers and network. EmailRazor will process your data in automatic way, with no user manual intervention, anyway EmailRazor staff is well trained about the duty of confidence of our customers data.

Data deletion will automatically delete your data at the end of the process duration, but if you need, you can delete your files from web site at any time.

Our Details

For further questions and enquiries, contact us by email at emailrazor(at)