Frequently Asked Questions about EmailRazor

Why keeping my email list clean is important?

The short answer is: because you must keep low your list bounce rate and high its open rate to avoid to be blacklisted.
For a more detailed answer plase have a look at this page: Why keep your email list clean is important.

How can you validate an email address?

Our email verification technology performs a multi step validation process for each email address. For detailed informations about the validation process please check out this page.

How do you charge for the service?

After you registered to EmailRazor, you will can purchase Credits. Each credit can be spent to check a single email address. Use the Pricing menu to have a look at pricing details.

How do I use EmailRazor to check my list of email addresses?

Login to access your EmailRazor Dashboard. There, you upload a CSV file containing your email list, EmailRazor will process it and you download a file with the results of the validation.

Can I upload an Excel file?

We strongly suggest you to upload to EmailRazor only CSV files, but if you want you can upload an XLS or XLSX file and EmailRazor will do its best to extract email addresses from it.

If I have the same email address twice in the same file do I pay 2 credits to check it?

No! EmailRazor performs a deduplication of the file before starting the verification process. Deduplication is performed for free. You are welcome :-)

Do you share or use my email addresses?

No! We never share your email addresses with anyone, nor we use it for any other scope than validate them and tell you if they are valid or not.

I am in the EU, is EmailRazor service GDPR compliant?

Yes! We are in EU too and we respect users privacy. Please also read our GDPR compliant policy.

Do you offer an API?

Yes! Please have a look at EmailRazor Verificatin API.